I’ll post many of the NIN pics to my website in the next few days, but here’s the slideshow we showed during the Nursing is Normal – Madison Gallery Night opening….

Back to regular posting soon!  Busy as a bee editing birth pics, but I don’t get to share those quite as liberally!!


I’m prepping like a mad-lady for the Nursing is Normal – Madison Gallery Night showing this Friday at the Goodman Community Center.  There will be wine and food and music 5-9, plus the chance to see the beautiful new community center!!  149 Waubesa.


One of my bestest friends had one of the most photogenic babes ever!  Remember this tiny newborn with the lovely wild hair?



I had the privilege of being at her birth:


Photographing her at 1m…


At almost six months…



And look at her now!



I couldn’t resist a recap with over time – but don’t worry my friends, I’ll put a full sneak-peek up in a few days!!  



September 25, 2009

High energy wouldn’t even begin to characterize most photo shoots with kids under the age of, oh, who knows?  And these guys weren’t any exception.  Luckily mom and dad were cool to just let me hang out snapping away, catching some of the crazy and love and wonder.

Though big sis was happy to ham for the camera….






The day was really meant to be about this butter bean…..LMW_7262 - Version 2

LMW_7416 - Version 2

LMW_7295 - Version 2

LMW_7517 - Version 2


Very occasionally a couple will ask me to get a pic of just them during a family photo shoot – and although it doesn’t come as naturally to me as photographing kiddos, I always love being able to get a few images of just mom & dad – both for them and for their children as they grow.



And boy does getting two kiddos this age to take a family pic get to be a whole lot of crazy (and usually funny) work!



Thanks you guys for a lovely time!
🙂 Lea 

September 23, 2009

My friend had a baby boy at home a few weeks ago, and it took me nearly three weeks to come say hi and take some pics for them – but we had a lovely afternoon visit amidst sporadic photo-taking.  I love talking to fellow birthie-folk, so thank you my dear!




Big sister was sleepy, but very sweet when she could sit her bottom down still enough – I love this one, one hand stroking her brother’s head, while still managing to suck her thumb – all the while listening to her mama read a story.  That’s what I call multitasking.

LMW_7007 (1)


Big sister had a beautiful bright room, and she insisted I get under the canopy for a bit and color pics.  I think I want one for over my bed now!



And then this chair.  I love it.  They want to have it re-upholstered – I told them they need to find the exact same color.  I loved it!



Congratulations my friends!


I’ve known this lovely family for some time now as they took our birth class at HB and asked me to be their doula – so I was there when this pumpkin was born – and what a beautiful birth!  

LMW_6295 (1)

I was so happy when they asked me to come do photos with them, and what a fun and sweet Sunday morning at Picnic Point it was…..








Thanks to all of you – I so enjoyed our morning meandering!  Glad we finished up before all the other Sunday morning meanderers!


lil bit of deja vu

September 20, 2009

phew!  back-to-back-to-back sessions today, but i had to get at least one new pic in!

last fall


this fall

LMW_5887 (1)

my friends courtney and huck have the most beautiful farm – and i think photographing them in the fall is quite the lovely tradition.  xoxox