September 23, 2009

My friend had a baby boy at home a few weeks ago, and it took me nearly three weeks to come say hi and take some pics for them – but we had a lovely afternoon visit amidst sporadic photo-taking.  I love talking to fellow birthie-folk, so thank you my dear!




Big sister was sleepy, but very sweet when she could sit her bottom down still enough – I love this one, one hand stroking her brother’s head, while still managing to suck her thumb – all the while listening to her mama read a story.  That’s what I call multitasking.

LMW_7007 (1)


Big sister had a beautiful bright room, and she insisted I get under the canopy for a bit and color pics.  I think I want one for over my bed now!



And then this chair.  I love it.  They want to have it re-upholstered – I told them they need to find the exact same color.  I loved it!



Congratulations my friends!


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  1. Boy Crazy Says:

    love love love. beautiful photos, beautiful family. 🙂 nice work, lea!

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