What do 15 month olds do for fun?

September 19, 2009

Well, let’s see…..  (this is a long one, but my oh my are there ALOT of things a 15mo can get into!!)


Little bit of ball playing…



Ham it up a bit with mama and papa…



Hang around upside down for a bit…



Do some airplane with mama…



Go to the park to do some climbing…



and some swinging…



and sliding of course…



End up on the big swing with papa and get a little big sleepy…

LMW_5474 (1)


Recover from the sleepy with a good nose-picking session…



Try squishing mama’s face right off…



Climb some trees…



Do a little yoga…



And FINALLY give up for a nap, with some tears first…



I photographed this butter bean when he was just a few weeks old – how different does he look now with that big ole lovely mop of hair!!!


Thank you my lovelies for inviting me to again spend a few hours capturing some of the extraordinary-ness that is your family.



4 Responses to “What do 15 month olds do for fun?”

  1. Victoria Says:

    Beautiful! I especially love the nose picking. What a character.

  2. yes – nose picking is one of my all-time fav captures. 😉

  3. Doris Stengl Says:

    The pictures are unbelievable. I can’t believe how he has grown. I guess it has been over a year, the time does go by so fast. Can’t wait until our next reunion next year, 2010, hope we still do it. How much fun our little ones will have playing. A whole new generation. Thanks for sending the pics, I’ll pass them around here. Doris

  4. Janet Allison Says:

    What a handsome boy! I’m so happy for all of you. Bjorn is definitely a blessing. Aren’t children wonderful? Exhausting, but wonderful!


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