I’ll post many of the NIN pics to my website in the next few days, but here’s the slideshow we showed during the Nursing is Normal – Madison Gallery Night opening….

Back to regular posting soon!  Busy as a bee editing birth pics, but I don’t get to share those quite as liberally!!


I’m prepping like a mad-lady for the Nursing is Normal – Madison Gallery Night showing this Friday at the Goodman Community Center.  There will be wine and food and music 5-9, plus the chance to see the beautiful new community center!!  149 Waubesa.


I haven’t blogged in months and months (and months) because I just keep on saying “this week I’m going to get a new blog theme” – one that let’s me post mongo big pics and just looks more like me.  But it isn’t happening, now is it.  

I’ve decided something is better than nothing right?  So – a series of favorites over the past six months or so.  And back to previewing for my clients!  I have a few shoots scheduled for this weekend and I can’t wait!

AND the Nursing is Normal shoots are wrapping up and we’ll have a showing on Gallery Night October 2nd at the Goodman Center – I can’t wait for that either!  

Hope all is well in your world my friends.