September 25, 2009

High energy wouldn’t even begin to characterize most photo shoots with kids under the age of, oh, who knows?  And these guys weren’t any exception.  Luckily mom and dad were cool to just let me hang out snapping away, catching some of the crazy and love and wonder.

Though big sis was happy to ham for the camera….






The day was really meant to be about this butter bean…..LMW_7262 - Version 2

LMW_7416 - Version 2

LMW_7295 - Version 2

LMW_7517 - Version 2


Very occasionally a couple will ask me to get a pic of just them during a family photo shoot – and although it doesn’t come as naturally to me as photographing kiddos, I always love being able to get a few images of just mom & dad – both for them and for their children as they grow.



And boy does getting two kiddos this age to take a family pic get to be a whole lot of crazy (and usually funny) work!



Thanks you guys for a lovely time!
🙂 Lea 

One Response to “energy”

  1. Lisa TIedt Says:

    I got the post with the pictures and absolutely love them. Life has been busy and I’m sorry for not commenting earlier. Look forward to seeing more!!

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