Halloween Up North!

November 5, 2008

Hinu and I try to get home at least once every other month, but lately it’s been stretching it – and this last two months have seemed a long two months.  Getting home for Halloween was such a lovely treat – no pun intended!  Trick or treating on the rez with my sister and her girls and all of the roads and homes and people I grew up with was just what I needed.

Here’s the vampire getting scared by the human:lmw_9858_2

My vampire daughter and her sissies:


Kreighton (who is 3 weeks older than my girl) giving the baby some lovin:


Baby Kate with such a good make-up job that my Grandpa asked who was the kid we brought along:


Wow – someone took the camera from me:


And Baby Kate’s (on the left) expression had her mama crying with laughter – oh, we all had a good laugh on that one.  It captures her personality quite well:


I have a few other non-Halloween pics from this weekend that I’ll post, but first I need to make my way through the Happy Bambino Halloween photos!

Happy November everyone!