January 11, 2009

The holidays were……crazy.  And I’m glad to be getting back into the swing of things.  Unfortunately the holidays were so crazy I now feel amazingly behind.  I’m trying to sift my way out!!  So, get ready for a flurry of posts.

I realized I used to take dozens of pics a week of my kiddo, and now – now,  I just….don’t anymore.  And that makes me sad!  So perhaps a New Years resolution (which I never really do, but perhaps this year I’ll make an exception) should be to take more pics of my own child more often.

Anyways – here’s a favorite fall shot of my girl, a couple of days after Halloween (that’s her Great Pumpkin present in her arms – beautiful Waldorf babydoll):


I don’t think I put up a copies of her school pics:



K – now I don’t feel QUITE as neglectful.