This mama was in our birth class at HB over the winter and she wanted some pics done as a Father’s Day gift for her husband.  I love pregnant mamas, as most of you know, and to work with them prenatally in an educational setting and being able to photograph is quite the treat!

Her laugh and smile were so sweet –




The lighting in her stairway was quite dramatic and of course I loved that…



And the covering here was her wedding veil.  I love it when folks find their own coverings and props – it just makes it that much more special.



And then – the babe.  Oh what a treat….


(Doesn’t she have the most perfect pixie “cut”?)

LMW_3742 (1)


I have a love for “grooming” shots with new parents – and in talking with other photographers, I know I’m not alone.  There is something so gentle and loving about the ways parents touch their babes…




LMW_3852 (1)


I love the wedding photos they had hanging over their bed – such a great collection of b&ws!LMW_3873

Thanks for a couple of beautiful sessions mama, in your very zen and wonderful home.  (I have to say this is a perk of photographing young babies in their spaces – the opportunity to see so many different and lovely homes!)

One of my absolute dearest friends from college went and had herself a babe.  Sigh.  Such loveliness.  I was fortunate to be invited to be a part of her birth, and a more gorgeous mama I have not yet seen – and I believe all laboring women possess a glowing wonder that pushes them to near-goddess status.  But those pics are not really mine to share – but some of the pics I did at one month…well, here you be:





Oh – I am already so happy to know you little girl.  And isn’t that hair the best thing you’ve ever seen?


I love six month olds…

January 19, 2009

I walked away from this shoot thinking I should only shoot 6mo who have just woken up from naps.  They are happy little folk, who for the most part, can’t quite get away yet!


(You might recognize this little one – I did her three-month pics in the fall.  She was so much smiley-er this time!!)

The shoot was originally scheduled for pre-holidays, but with all of the snow and December-scheduling-craziness, it had to be rescheduled.  Luckily the holiday greenery was still up!!





See you all again for the 9 month pics!!!  I can’t wait!

Check this sweet cheeked babe out….




That is one big baby!!  No newborn sized clothes for this little (big!) girl.

Wow, that’s alot of folk!

January 16, 2009

This was the largest family grouping I’ve done, and boy did I learn alot!  They were happy folk though, and that makes all the difference….





For the most part, I love color, but with so many different groupings of folks, I loved the way they came together with the black and whites.

ohhh newborns…

January 11, 2009

How sweet is this peanut?  She wasn’t really having any of the sleepy shots, that’s for sure!  This girl wanted to be a part of the action – but beautiful awake shots of newborns are hard to come by – so kudos for mom and dad!






She is so beautiful you guys – enjoy all that yummy scrumptiousness that is a new babe!!