I love six month olds…

January 19, 2009

I walked away from this shoot thinking I should only shoot 6mo who have just woken up from naps.  They are happy little folk, who for the most part, can’t quite get away yet!


(You might recognize this little one – I did her three-month pics in the fall.  She was so much smiley-er this time!!)

The shoot was originally scheduled for pre-holidays, but with all of the snow and December-scheduling-craziness, it had to be rescheduled.  Luckily the holiday greenery was still up!!





See you all again for the 9 month pics!!!  I can’t wait!

Check this sweet cheeked babe out….




That is one big baby!!  No newborn sized clothes for this little (big!) girl.

Wow, that’s alot of folk!

January 16, 2009

This was the largest family grouping I’ve done, and boy did I learn alot!  They were happy folk though, and that makes all the difference….





For the most part, I love color, but with so many different groupings of folks, I loved the way they came together with the black and whites.

ohhh newborns…

January 11, 2009

How sweet is this peanut?  She wasn’t really having any of the sleepy shots, that’s for sure!  This girl wanted to be a part of the action – but beautiful awake shots of newborns are hard to come by – so kudos for mom and dad!






She is so beautiful you guys – enjoy all that yummy scrumptiousness that is a new babe!!

Christmas card pics!

December 14, 2008

The great thing about having a business partner who is also a photographer is that you can get almost-spur-of-the-moment Christmas card photos done on a random Friday morning before school like this here family….



Oh it’s that time of year!

November 24, 2008

The holidays are among us – what a way to get in the mood than to photograph these two beautiful girls in their Christmas dresses….




And don’t worry mama – I have some smiley ones too (and cowlick free ones as well! 🙂 – I just loved those ones too much to resist getting them ready for you right away!


Thanks to the lovely girls for getting me in a holiday mood!!!

International Babywearing Week

November 19, 2008

Happy Bambino helped Madison celebrate International Babywearing with a babywearing fashion show this past weekend.

baby hip sitting in an adjustable cotton pouch

baby hip sitting in an adjustable cotton pouch

mama wearing a toddler on her back in a soft structured carrier, and a baby on her front in a stretchy wrap.

mama wearing a toddler on her back in a soft structured carrier, and a baby on her front in a stretchy wrap.


baby being carried on the back in a ring sling

small babe being carried in a woven wrap

small babe being carried in a woven wrap

toddler being carried on her papa's back in a soft structured carrier

toddler being carried on her papa

1yo being carried on her mama's back in a mei tai

1yo being carried on her mama

members of the madison babywearing group who came in as models

members of the madison babywearing group who came in as models

Yeah, I’m behind.


The Happy Bambino Halloween party was insanity – it hasn’t been that busy since the day we opened!

I felt a little bit like a school pictures photographer, “NEXT!”

But man were there alot of cuties!!  These are my favorite photos – for the winners, you have to go check out HB’s blog – www.happybambino.wordpress.com.   (Though the peacock did take the cake, with a last name of Peacock, a costume that beautiful, and a baby that pretty, well….)





Alrighty – I think I’m done with Halloween, only two weeks late.  😉

I am a major wiener dog fan – in my lifetime my family has had, oh, hmmm (had to count), ten dachshunds.  I miss having a dog (or dogs) in recent years but my life is just too busy to be a good dog-parent.  And so I have to make do loving up other people’s dogs.  So imagine my joy being able to photograph both a beautiful baby, and a wiener dog!  The wiener dog, however, was not so keen on being photographed.  Oh well, said I, and so I have several pitiful pouting and some glaring dog photos, but Mr. B. was darling nonetheless.

And check out the dachshund cap this darling baby has!!

You were all soooo lovely to work with – Thank YOU!!  XOXOX

Oh what a perfect fall day.  I love me some smart wool socks and I love me polar fleeces and scarves.  And this was a perfect day for all of the above with no real chill accompanying it.  The wind was perfect and there were leaves everywhere for raking, tossing, and crunching underfoot.

There are tons more guys – ya’all are a photogenic bunch!