Behind, behind, behind. Again!

March 6, 2009

What’s a girl to do?

I am currently sitting in front of an open window, with the sounds of traffic rolling past, listening to good tunes (the new Neko = fantastic), thinking spring looks better every year.  Yes, I know that it’ll get cold again, and it will probably snow again, but this kind of day.  Well.  I feel wondrously blessed – as do most all of us in the area, I’m sure.

Things have been busy here – lots of changes happening at Happy Bambino where I wear another one of my many hats, and where I was fortunate to have a show this past month.  And now the spring photo shoots are gearing up – folks are excited to get outside for some photos, as am I! And oh goodness, I just signed my first wedding contract and have another meeting in the pipeline for a fall wedding.  Squeeee!

So, expect another flurry of posts catching up what I’ve been up to…  And dang-it, I VOW to be a better blogger!

One Response to “Behind, behind, behind. Again!”

  1. .kathleen. Says:

    a wedding! how cool! that’s my goal 😀 let me know how it goes…

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